Super heavy steel

I got this awesome 1/56 Jagdtiger kit by Waffenkammer Miniatures a couple of years ago. The Waffenkammer kits are usually very well made and this one was no exception. The only addition I made to this kit were the scratch built handles on the hatches. Otherwise it is straight out of the box.

As this one is a gaming piece as well as a model, I wanted to paint it up using very heavy color modulation. I wanted this model to really stand out from the gaming table, and therefore the paint job was going to be all about exaggeration!

I really like the result. Also, I entered this Jagdtiger in a couple of modelling competitions and managed to win prizes each time! This piece also defeated von Wirtzenau’s (my Achtung Painter buddy) 1/48 Tamiya Königstiger, to his absolute dismay. It is really nice to see that you can actually have success in modelling competitions with a game piece as well!


The modulation experiments I tried with this model are clearly evident in this picture. See the difference in the Dunkelgelb hues in the side plate’s front and rear parts.
I exaggerated a little with the rust on the exhaust pipes. Slight exaggerations usually produce more visually attracting results.
A frontal view.
Another view showing the strong modulation on this kitty.
The weathering on this model is really heavy. Although it might be a little unrealistic and overdone it looks really cool! I used brush chipping, speckling, weathering oils and some mud effects to complete the weathering.On the tracks I used metal powder to achieve the slight shine effect.



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