Panthers to the Meuse… Again

It has been over a year and a half since I finished a new platoon for late war Flames of War. So what did I paint this time? The exact same thing I did last time: Panthers for 2. Panzer-Division in the Battle of the Bulge.

I wasn’t happy anymore the cartoonish Panthers I did before, so I wanted to go for a bit more realistic look. The idea was to do a white wash camouflage using chipping technique (which is not really historically accurate, as I have understood), and letting the messy camouflage to hide lazy highlighting and detailing. There were quite many steps after all, but in my book this was speed painting, and I finished all seven tanks in four days.

Models are from Battlefront’s plastic Panther G box. Bergepanther is a conversion.

I didn’t record the making process, but here’s what I did off the top of my head: Starting with dunkelgelb base color (AK Interactive dark yellow modulation set), I did a soft edge tri-color camouflage (using Tamiya’s Olive Green and Hull Red highly diluted). After that, I painted the tools and spare tracks and gave the whole thing a quick wash (AK’s wash for Dark Yellow).

Next up was the chipping fluid, AK’s “Worn Effects”. Once it had dryed, an uneven layer of white was applied, only leaving few of the road wheels not white. After I had chipped of some of the white paint with an old toothbrush, I painted the tracks, and weathered and washed the Panthers with dark mud colors. For Final touch I did make some highlights and drippings with pure white enemal paint.

The chipping fluid Worn Effects worked much better than i had hoped, and I am pretty pleased with the result.


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