Mountain Artillery & AoW15

tl;dr: Thanks to the Art of War Tournaments for a great event, Sanctuary Gaming Centre for a beautiful venue, guys from Breakthrough Assault for boosting the already great atmosphere, and to all other lads in the Art of War 2015.

As Panzermonsch told in his latest post, we decided to go to the Flames of War tournament Art of War held in the UK. It was an early war tournament and I didn’t have an army for that period, so I had to get one. Well, it’s not  like I wouldn’t have built a new army for a tournament anyway.

When planning an army to build, I pretty much always go with the looks first. This time I ended up with German mountain infantry, since Battlefronts gebirsjäger sculpts are just lovely.

As always with my army painting for tournaments, I soon found myself with an enormous task a few weeks prior to the event.

4 weeks prior the tournament – no problem


I managed to paint the army just in time. Even though some details were left out, I was happy with the result. Now, after the tournament, I had time to add those lacking details, mainly emblems and leather straps. Here are the first two finished platoons.

Mountain artillery battery with GebK15 guns & Heavy infantry gun platoon, with 15cm sIG33 guns:

The trip from Finland to England for the Art of War 15 was really worth it. The organizers Timothy and Steve had done a splendid job. Also, Juha and I had the honor to be interviewed by the Breakthrough Assault guys for their podcast.

I am happy with my tournament result, being 18th of 48 players, since it was a slow winter once again for our gaming group, and I had played only two practice games. I enjoyed playing this pretty generic German infantry company compared to my usual German lists which have more points spent on big cats.

At last for those who are interested, my main army list for the tournament:


More platoons from the army in future.



6 thoughts on “Mountain Artillery & AoW15

  1. Excellent paint job. Just bought a used Gebirgs army and will be stripping the paint to redo it. Can I ask what colours do you use for you infantry uniforms?

    I assume that the guns are German Grey with a sand weathering sprayed on top?




  2. Awesome! Do you glue the infantry to the bases before painting?

    You also promised more pics of the army…


    1. Apologies for the long wait, it seems that Immo didnt notice this.
      However, I am able to answer for him, as I had the priviledge to watch him work on these. I believe most if not all have been based first, then painted.

      About the rest of his army, hopefully he will have the time to fix his tanks at some point, as I was told they met mr. gravity not so long ago. Infantry however, which is what this army is mostly about, is intact.


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