Salvage Operation: Part 2

This post continues the epic saga of salvaging a botched up and trashed SS-company and turning it into a nice and playable Flames of War force.

This time I decided to tackle one of the infantry platoons, as they are the backbone of a whole bunch of FoW armies. The methods used here are pretty much the same as in my previous post of the same topic found here:

The problems encountered with this platoon were similar to the ones discussed in the first part of this saga: boring miniature placing, poor cleaning, completely wrong uniform color etc. Therefore the solutions were similar, too. Bright colors, a heavy wash with GW’s Agrax Nightshade, Silflor tufts and home made trees.

I really like this project! No stress, nice colors, new tricks. To be continued!

Paint on!

-Anton von Wirtzenau

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