Liberated iron!

SU850001 SU850002 SU850003 SU850004 SU850005

This beute-SU-85 was a something of a turning point in my miniature painting hobby. I painted it in 2012, so it is an older model, but it still has a place amongst my more preferred works (unlike other work done 2012- or prior to that)

I painted the miniature up as good as I could back then. I spent time maticulously studying my subject, looking for inspiration and reference in both history and works of other painters. I wanted to “test the ice” in the competitive painting field, so my motivation was to try and win the best painted award in the “tank” -category, in Iron Cross 2012 flames of war -painting competition.

In this, I succeeded – which in turn changed my mentality from “Good enough” to “As good as I can”. For that reason, this model is still very important to me.

– Juha

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