Panthers by the River

I painted this panzer company for the 2014 FoW GT. It took time for me to get the inspiration for this project, and when i finally got it, there were only two weeks left to the tournament. So I didn’t have time for trial and error, and I had to call a few audibles to keep things as simple as possible. And getting something ready.

Core of the army is the six Panther G tanks. Magnificent beasts. I wanted to give every tank a bit of personality, without losing coherency of the army.

I used one of my older idea, including a bridgehead into infantry platoon bases. It took an effort, but Gepanzerte Aufklärungs Platoon turned out pretty nice. Takes the eyes off from lazy brush work. Platoon’s bases are built from plasticard and milliput.

The half-tracks I had painted earlier, and they got a bit dirtier look, which I archived with artistic oils.

I think only won one game in the tournament, but I didn’t mind because this army was really fun and fast to play. And I won the award for Best Painted Army.



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