Werf those Nebels!

To inspire and to be inspired!
A few months ago me and a few painter/modeller friends began fiddling with an idea of a joint blog showcasing our work. We share a passion for modelling and are also WW2 enthusiasts to the boot. As we all hail from Lahti, Finland we’ve been friends for years now, and that has lead to liberal excange of ideas, techniques and general modellership between us. However, we all retain our distinctive styles and even have a bit of a friendly competition going on at all times about whose Kung Fu is the best of all.

My modelling hobby is at the moment very much centered on 15mm WW2 stuff. We have an active gaming group that plays Flames of War (a 15mm WW2 miniature wargame) and that has lead me to painting as well. At first I saw these models/miniatures merely as gaming tokens and painted to a standard that fulfilled that purpose. Over the years, however, I find myself drifting more and more to painting and modelling – regrettably at the expense of gaming.

I have won Best Painted Army prize twice in the Flames of War European Grand Tournament (2012 and -13) and several Iron Cross painting prizes. My opening post  in this blog – this Nebelwerfer 41 team- won Best Overall in FoW Euro GT 2013.

In future posts I will explain my techniques in painting infantry and various vehicles, guns etc as well as scenery. Hopefully they will provide useful tips for other modellers and my sincere wish is that they might inspire somebody, as I myself have been greatly inspired by various modellers, the least of whom definately are not the fine gentlemen I share this blog with!

-Anton von Wirtzenau

2 thoughts on “Werf those Nebels!

    1. Hi!
      Thanks! I like to use modelling snow from Scale Supply. Or then microballoons, any brand will do. Alternating between those two gives a nice and interesting result. I’m planning on writing a proper tutorial on modelling snow soon so I ‘ll elaborate more there.
      I learned my tricks from our Großmeister, and once we get him writing here as well, he’ll be able to give you real pro tips.


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