Big cat ambush

I like big cats and I can not lie. This fact manifested itself in 2013 FoW GT.

Tiger is my favourite tank of all time, but not that far behind comes the menacing Jagdpanther. In this post I will share some wip and completed works of my army project that was heavily centered around my favourite tank hunter.

I had this image of the last days of the war in my head. I really wanted to paint up some disc camouflaged ausf.G Jagdpanthers! Problem was that back in 2013 Battlefront did not make ausf.G variants, so I had to do it the hard way and remodel an ausf.A into an ausf.G.

While converting the hulls for the jagdpanthers I had a cool idea for a sort of “what if..” -type of vehicle, a bergepanther based on the jagdpanther chassis. I even searched the internet high and low to try and justify such a beast, but there was no historical mention that could be noted as proof – but I just had to do it anyway!

I also wanted to have two distinctive features for my infantry options – Firstly, I wanted the grenadiers to really show the rag and tag feel of the last days by mixing heer and SS soldiers on the bases. A motley crue of sorts. Secondly, I just had to have a unit of volksturm. Nothing amplifies that bitter last charge feel better than kids and elderly people with guns. I used models from the soviet partisans and the french freedom fighter ranges spiced up with a few actual soldiers.

For thematical reasons, I had to have a strong anti-air presence. For this I chose my favourite anti-air unit, the menacing wirbelwinds. Ofcourse, the german signature gun, Acht-acht, just had to be there too, backed up with a couple of FlaKvierlings. A full shot of the army shows the theme in play better than words. I did not win many games at the GT, but I sure had fun – and came 3rd in painting, which was nice.

Hope my works inspire you lot,

– Juha

7 thoughts on “Big cat ambush

  1. Hi!
    I like your work. I was left wondering if there is a reason why your tank commander has the red shoulder plates of an artillery officer? Or is it just too much photoshopping?


    1. Hi Ralph,
      Thanks! And a good eye for detail there, they are indeed red rather than pink ūüėČ as the army is not based on any real division I used some artistic expression. However, it is based on the historical notion that some sturmgesch√ľtz crews where re-trained to form crews for new, larger turretless tank hunters as the war progressed. I wanted my Jagdpanther crews to sport the red waffenfarbe of the artillery branch to give them a little “flavour”, indicating that they originally where a sturmartillerie unit (stug batteries under the artillery arm used red waffenfarbe)


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